Maintenance of the accessories

Onderhoud van de accesoires

As you can see, most of our accessories are made of cast iron.

A cast iron pan or accessory will last a lifetime if properly maintained. For example, cast iron pans that are more than 100 years old are still used. The advantage of cast iron is that it is a pure product without chemical layers.

It does not have a 'non-stick coating' right out of the box. You have to create this layer yourself by allowing oil to adhere to the cast iron at high temperatures. After that, you will hardly need any maintenance and your pan will be able to fry almost everything perfectly.

It is better not to store a cast iron pan dry. This can cause it to rust. It is best to add a drop of oil to the pan after each wash and spread it well over the entire surface.

It is best to clean a cast iron pan with a little water and a soft sponge. If the pan is very dirty, you can use a little bit of soap, but make sure you rinse the pan thoroughly. Do not use (preferably) a hard sponge or aggressive soap. This can affect the natural non-stick layer.

You can simply maintain our other accessories as house, garden and kitchen items. Everything can be cleaned nice and clean with a soft sponge and a little soap.