Maintenance baking tray bonumeur

Onderhoud bakplaat bonumeur
The maintenance of the Bonumeur griddle speaks for itself and becomes even easier the more the Bonumeur BBQ is used. The more you bake on the plate, the better it works and the more greased it becomes.
We recommend regularly lubricating the baking surface with oil
that can withstand high temperatures.
When you have finished cooking, it is recommended to remove the food residues from the baking tray with a spatula. Once the baking tray is cold again, you can quickly rub it with some oil before placing the rain cover over the Bonumeur barbecue.
Pedestal maintenance:
The pedestal and the fire bowl in Corten steel can occasionally be rubbed with olive oil.
Rubbing the Corten steel ensures that the base remains a shiny surface. Be careful if you do this on a natural stone, porous stone or wooden terrace, oil may drip onto the terrace during rainfall, which can leave oil traces on the terrace.