How do I start a bonumeur?

Hoe start ik een bonumeur op?
The first time the Bonumeur BBQ is used, we recommend starting with a soft fire and gradually building up the intensity of the fire. This way the baking tray can quietly take its shape. Over time, the baking tray will have a firm shape and the fire can be built up quickly. You will notice this yourself when the baking tray remains in a fixed position, whether it is cold or warm.
The easiest way to start the bonumeur is to use a pyramid fire. A portion of firewood is placed in the center of the fire bowl along with a fire starter. When the firewood catches fire, you can place a pyramid of large logs around the small fire. On the base of the bonumeur you will find a valve with which you can influence the air supply to the fire bowl. Making a fire in the bonumeur is a quick and simple action.
Depending on the size of the fire, the bonumeur baking tray needs a good 45 minutes to heat up.
Once again very important, the first times you use the bonumeur you must build up the fire slowly so that the baking tray can slowly reach the desired temperature and can only be used for baking after one and a half hours. As mentioned above, if you heat the baking tray too quickly in the beginning, it may take on a different shape.